Dream Title: Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

 Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge


One of the oldest suspension brdges in the U.S., the bridge spans 5,989 feet (85 feet wide) over the East River connecting Manhattan with Brooklyn. It opened in May 1883 and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1964.


It’s ideal to start your walk on the Brooklyn side about 2 hours before sunset and cross to Manhattan stopping to admire the Statue of Liberty as you watch the lights come on in the city and illuminate the famous skyline. Bring a flashlight so you can read the placards that along the way.


Be aware that you will share the walkway with bicyclist so watch out.


Walking the Brooklyn Bridge is the only place on earth where an airplane can fly over you, as you walk over a car, that is driving over a boat, that floats above a train (the subway runs under the river).