Dream Title: Hike To a Waterfall

Hike to a Waterfall


There are many waterfalls in the world and the large ones take your breath away but even the small ones are magical. You probably know one near by, so put on your hiking boots and get going. But in case you want to know about the biggest and the best, here are some lists.


Top Ten Highest Waterfalls in the US:


Name                                                   Height                          State

1. Colonial Creek Falls             2584                            WA

2. Johannesburg Falls                            2465                            WA

3. Yosemite Falls                                  2425                            CA

4. Avalanche Basin Falls                       2320                            MT

5. Harrison Basin Falls              2320                            MT

6. Sulphide Creek Falls             2182                            WA

7. Snow Creek Falls                             2140                            CA

8. Silver Lake Falls                               2128                            WA

9. Pitchfork Falls                                  2093                            AK

10. Sentinel Falls                                  1920                            CA


Top Ten Highest Waterfalls in the World:


1. Angel Salto                                       3312                            Venezuela

2. Tugela Falls                                      3110                            S. Africa

3. Tres Hermanes, Cateratas las            3000                            Peru

4. Olo’upena Falls                                2953                            Hawaii, US

5. Yumbilla Catarata                             2938                            Peru

6. Vinnufossen                          2822                            Norway

7. Balaifossen                                       2788                            Norway

8. Pu’uka’oku Falls                              2756                            Hawaii, US

9. James Bruce Falls                             2755                            Canada

10. Browne Falls                                  2744                            New Zealand




Often the rocks near a waterfall are very slippery so use extreme caution in walking around, especially on top. Be aware that the current is strong, so don’t wade out near the falls edge.


www.world-waterfall.com     is an amazing site with a fantastic date base of waterfalls.