Dream Title: Cologne Cathedral in Germany


Cologne Cathedral


Located in Cologne (Koln) this cathedral is truly one of the most beautiful in Europe (and that’s saying a lot in an area full of beautiful churches). With a peaceful setting on the Rhine River, the cathedral with its famous twin towers was made a World Heritage Site.


It is the largest Gothic building in North Europe and was dedicated to St. Peter and the Blessed Virgin Mary.


When you visit you can have a tremendous view from the South Tower (509 steps). It is open from 9-4 (Nov – Feb), or 9-5 (Mar, Apr, Oct.) or 9-6 (May – Sept) and tickets are 5 Euros or for a guided tour of the tower and Treasury, it is 13 Euros.


The Treasury is open from 10-6.


To visit the cathedral is free, but be aware that it can’t be viewed during a service.


The “Must See” is the Shrine to the Three Magi which contains the remains of the 3 wise men from the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. That attracts pilgrims from around the world.